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Shanna Moll Studios is a full-service salon dedicated to bringing excellence to each and every guest, no matter what life stage they are in. In addition to 30+ years of experience, we never stop learning and keeping up with the most recent techniques and trends through continuing education.

Shanna and her team have a passion for helping people who are experiencing hair loss, at any stage. Shanna has literally traveled the world to find the best non-surgical hair replacement systems for her guests and to bring the science of Trichology to Austin and Central Texas. Shanna is a national educator for Jon Renau, one of the world’s leading creators of wigs, toppers and custom alternatives, and  Shanna Moll Studios is one of only 115 salons in the world certified to design CNC® systems (3D cranial prostheses). There are so many new and innovative options to explore if you or a loved one are experiencing hair loss. Whether is it fine or thinning hair, male pattern baldness, autoimmune issues such as alopecia, hair loss due to chemotherapy or trichotillomania, we are dedicated to helping find the very best solution for you. We pride ourselves on keeping guests for the long term – through all their joys, life shifts and especially when they are most vulnerable due to issues related to hair loss. The studio has been thoughtfully designed with private rooms for that reason.

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Our Guests

Late one night, I found Shanna’s Studio after Googling out of 15+ years of frustration with my genetic hair loss.  I couldn’t believe I actually found someone who works with women going through what I am….I thought I was alone.  After reading through her website, I was struck by the stories plus excited about having a private room instead of “showing off” my balding head in a regular salon.  During our consultation, Shanna talked through a variety of options and explained why some treatments would or would not work on me.

She really made me feel normal and not hopeless, like the string of doctors and stylists have before her.

Now I have the hair I always dreamed of!  You have to be ready to make the jump, but Shanna will help you along the way…. from a great cut & color (she is magical at color, btw) to a hair loss solution to teaching you how to style your hair now that you have some!

5 stars.  If you’re ready to change your life, give Shanna a call.

Tammy, Consultation, Hair Loss Solutions

“As always, my visit to the salon was delightful! My appointments are something I look forward to every time. Shanna and her staff are the epitome of gracious hospitality and creative genius.I am so fortunate our paths have crossed.”

Glenda E., Cancer Survivor, CNC System, Cut & Color

“I first met Shanna when she did my hair for my wedding (which was over 20 years ago!).  I’m so grateful she has moved into helping with fine and thinning hair… i’ve had huge shifts in my hair over the last year or so (feeling much thinner and shedding). I started trichology treatments and after 3 months I can tell my hair is shedding less and it appears to be filling in.  Shanna’s not just an amazing stylist and true expert, but once you start coming to her salon, you’ll see that she and her wonderful team become family.”

Sherrie W., 20+ Year Client, Cut & Color, Trichology

“I am so glad that I found Shanna Moll! I suffer from hair loss and have struggled to find a stylist. I came to Shanna with a very bad topper piece in bad need of help, and she went above and beyond to see me and find a solution to my problem. Shanna is the answer to my prayers. Her salon is aesthetically gorgeous, and the staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and very kind. If you suffer from hair loss, don’t bother with anyone else in Austin. Go see Shanna! She’s an absolute professional with many years of experience and she stays up to date on training and new techniques. What sets her apart is that she truly understands and cares about her clients with hair loss. She has a variety of solutions on hand… a very rare find indeed. Many times salons dealing with hair loss clients will have nothing in stock and have no problem telling you to wait many months for a solution. But Shanna is different; she understands the challenges that women with hair loss face and is fully prepared to help! Shanna’s salon is a gem, and you won’t be disappointed in your experience there. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Elly W., Women's Hair Loss, Aalopecia Areata, Jon Renau Wig

“Without hesitation or judgment, Shanna immediately had solutions for my daughter. She was extremely empathetic and professional in addition to providing accurate information and solutions. Highly recommend Shanna Moll Studio!”

Pam P., Androgenetic alopecia, Jon Renau Clip In Topper

“I’ve been a client of Shanna’s for about 25 years. Early on, I received many compliments about the cut and style of my hair. Family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers, wanted to get in with this highly skilled, cutting-edge stylist. Over the years my hair began to thin – quite a lot. Shanna worked with me on trying different styles to mitigate the obviousness of the thinning hair. Turns out, I wasn’t her only client dealing with the issue. As a result, Shanna became determined to find solutions for those of us experiencing the phenomena of thinning hair and distressing hair loss. As Shanna marched on – training and learning everything she could about hair loss options – many of her clients benefited from the results. I was slow to come around, but earlier this year, Shanna shared news with me about a hair replacement system she was getting trained on know as the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CNC System. Well, let me tell you – I finally listened and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! I no longer feel self-conscious about my scalp shining through thin layers of hair. I have more hair than I’ve ever had and it looks great! It’s easy to wash, style, and manage. It fits my lifestyle! Thank you, Shanna, for seeing the need and responding, and for being  patient. :)”

J.H., CNC System, Cut & Color

“As always, it was a wonderful experience and my hair looks amazing! Thank you Lorena and Shanna!!”

Stacy L., Cut & Color



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The Valentines Day I’ll Never Forget

I went back and told Mary what had just happened. She was shocked and immediately started crying… I was crying and Lorena was crying! I walked out for a moment and asked them to please meet her. I sincerely felt it would help all of them. Sally came in and Lorena introduced them to each other. They hugged and Sally told Mary through her tears how sorry she was for her suffering.  Lorena and I were hugging and crying. Then Sally’s husband came in and in fluent Spanish, he talked to Mary.   It was beautiful.

Hair Loss in Men: A Client’s Story

"I started losing my hair in middle school which was very embarrassing. Many of my classmates at that time were really mean, which motivated me to search for any solutions available. At that time, Minoxidil was the only thing available and it was very effective. By high school, I was taking Finasteride and Minoxidil together which had completely restored all of the hair I had lost. I continued to take this combination throughout college. As I got older, the effectiveness of Minoxidil and Finasteride decreased. I stopped taking it about 5 years ago, which led to significant amounts of hair loss. It reached a point where I needed another solution. That’s when I learned about Shanna Moll and her studio."

Mindy’s Story: Finding a solution to permanent hair loss from cancer treatment

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"I’m lucky and grateful for my prognosis, but there is still a shortage of resources when it comes to permanent hair loss from cancer treatment. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of the toll that cancer had taken. I didn’t feel young, or like myself, so I started looking for help. I was blown away to find that Shanna Moll Studio is one of two places in all of Texas that’s certified for CNC hair systems. So I went to meet with her, and we talked about my different options. She treated me with a lot of care and concern, and she made me feel that she was truly invested in me from the moment I met her. She wanted to make sure that I had a hair solution without compromise, and that’s what we were able to do."

NaturallyCurly.com – The Science of Chemo Curls

"My mother has always had very thick, straight hair. So to see the waves come through was delightful for both of us. She’s not alone. Many women experience a temporary change in texture from straight to curly — known as chemo curls — and even color in their post-chemotherapy hair growth. But why? One theory is that chemotherapy drugs cannot distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells, like those that are responsible for hair regrowth, so it destroys them all. Most chemotherapy drugs attack rapidly growing cancer cells, but because the cells in our hair roots also grow quickly, they, too, are affected by chemotherapy drugs. As the drugs slowly leave the body and regrowth begins, changes in hair texture and color can occur. Generally, these changes are not permanent — as in the case of my mother whose hair returned to its very straight texture, much to her disappointment."

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Please reach out to us if you would like to schedule a consultation regarding hair loss issues, want to set up a baseline trichology test or are looking to brighten up your look with exquisite color, a modern cut or a beautiful blow out for that special occasion.

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