In the most recent blog, we discussed Cesare Ragazzi’s Trichology treatments in-depth and today we will be discussing their patented CNC® System. In 1968 in Bologna, Italy, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CR Labs) was started as a small research laboratory. Now, CR Labs is an established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders as well as the development of effective hair loss treatments.

Responsible for introducing the innovative non-surgical method of non-invasive full or partial hair replacement, CR Labs offers the most effective hair loss solution to date. At Shanna Moll Studio, we are proud to offer the CR Lab Trichology treatments as well as their advanced CNC® System. This blog further explains the CNC® System, who it helps and how it works!

The CNC® System

In addition to realizing the need for specialized scalp care, CR Labs also understands that every scalp and hairline is unique. This understanding led them to develop the CNC® System. This advanced solution is a non-invasive and dermatologically-tested system that offers full or partial hair replacement and restores beautiful hair seamlessly.

The CNC® System was created to help those in need of a permanent hair loss solution. The wonderful fact about this system is that it is custom-made to each client, crafted to fit their specific needs and wants. This system can help those with complete hair loss and those with partial hair loss such as frontal thinning or hair loss caused by burns or medical treatments.

How It Works

The CR Labs CNC® System is a complex and effective hair loss solution. A CR Labs certified specialist starts by computer mapping the scalp, and then a cast of the head is created using computer imaging. The cast is then sent to the main center in Italy, where with the help of robotic technology, a clone membrane (“second scalp”) is created to replicate the exact shape, lines and pantones of each scalp.

Once the second scalp is made, CR Labs’ skilled biologists go through the meticulous selection of replicating the color and texture of the client’s hair, allowing the CNC® System to naturally integrate with the existing hair. Lastly, the hair is implanted individually into the second scalp, imitating the original direction of growth.

Then, the custom CNC® System is sent back to a professionally trained CR Labs specialist, where the non-surgical grafting of the CNC onto the scalp is completed and finished with a final styling. Once the CNC® System has been fully integrated, clients are able to return to a full, active life including swimming and high-impact sports. The system will require monthly maintenance, allowing the certified specialist to clean the CNC before re-securing it to the scalp.

Are you interested in learning more about the CNC® System and what it can do for you? Visit the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories website to learn more about their services or schedule a consultation with Shanna Moll Studio by clicking below. We hope this blog helps explain why we love the CNC® System and why it is the most effective hair loss solution to date!