Crystal Gutierrez

Crystal was born and raised in a small town on the outskirts of Austin. She has been glamming her way through life since the age of 15 eventually earning herself the title of ‘Glam Fairy Crystal’. As a professional hairstylist and makeup artist for over a decade, she applies her artistic eye, caring spirit and passion for hair styling and makeup to everything she does. She loves being a part of someone’s big day and making them feel strong, confident and able to conquer the world with just a simple blowout or a great shade of lipstick.

Crystal honed her skills with repetition and practice. She thrives in challenging situations and has years of experience as a manager, hair stylist, bridal specialist, trainer and makeup artist. She has styled people for TV, award shows, national magazines, weddings, interviews, first dates and first dances. She loves creative challenges from unique and avant-garde Halloween or themed costume looks to camera ready editorial masterpieces. You name it, she’s added her glam touch to all occasions.

She loves being there for clients during their happiest times and also their most challenging. She’s laughed, cried, prayed and celebrated with her clients and loves to build lasting relationships, while also being a part of special moments.

Today, Crystal is excited to expand her training by mentoring under Shanna Moll and learning trichology and non-surgical hair replacement. She’s thrilled to glam her way through her new journey.

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